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The Numbers Game - Turnovers

numbers game
numbers game

Right now, Mississippi State leads the country in turnover margin at +3.5 per game. That's thanks to 5 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. The only blemish was Chris Smith's fumble vs. Auburn.

There's no doubt turnovers can change the course of a game, as evidence: what you saw last Saturday.

Troy hasn't been as fortunate this year with turnovers. So far they are 71st at -0.5 a game. It's not so much interceptions that's been the problem, as Corey Robinson has only thrown one, but it's fumbles. The Trojans have fumbled five times in just two games, losing four of them.

Mississippi State has forced three fumbles so far this year, and they've gobbled up every single one. Banks and Slay also have two interceptions a piece. Troy will be looking to throw the ball, because that is what they do, so look for a couple of INTs by the Bulldog defense.

As always, protecting the ball will be important for Tyler Russell. But through two weeks, he has been superb: 5 TD, 0 INT....and he's thrown it 53 times over the course of those two games. Chris Smith will need to hold onto the ball as he has fumbled twice this season, albeit only losing one. Lewis and Bumphis have also fumbled but it was not lost. So the WR have been to ones to put the ball on the ground, not the RBs.

When going into a game where you are supposed to win, losing the turnover battle is how you get upset. So, take care of the football. And some turnovers for the Bulldog defense could result in a healthy margin of victory.