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Thursday Injury Report - Troy

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Troy - Saturday, September 15


Surprisingly, Dan Mullen commented on several injuries during his Monday press conference. There were two new updates to the injury list. Here's what Dan had to say:

  • TE Brandon Hill is listed as doubtful for the Troy game with an ankle injury.
  • Mullen said that Freshman CB Xavier Grindle from East Marion was out for the year with an ACL tear. Grindle had yet to play this season, and would have most likely received a redshirt anyways.
  • Malcolm Johnson, who has yet to see the field this year due to a pectoral injury suffered in preseason camp, remains doubtful for Saturday against Troy, Mullen said. Initially the injury was diagnosed with a four week return schedule, so it will be interesting to see if Johnson returns next week against South Alabama. That being said, the coaches may hold him out, giving him the off week to rest and then bringing him back the next week against Kentucky, giving him another two weeks rest before returning.

With regard to suspensions, there have been some updates to the situations of three previously suspended players: Ricco Sanders, Jamerson Love, and P.J. Jones.

  • WR Ricco Sanders and DB Jamerson Love both had their suspensions lifted last Saturday in time to suit up and play against Auburn. Sanders did see the field, but did not record a reception, while Love tallied one assisted tackle.
  • P.J. Jones, the last of the three suspended players, is still on indefinite suspension, Dan Mullen says, but his status will be updated just prior to Saturday's game versus Troy. [Speculation] We've heard several different stories on why he was suspended, but all of them seem to conclude that his suspension will be a 3 game one, thus will be lifted following the Troy game.

Summary - Injuries for the Troy game


TE - Brandon Hill

TE - Malcolm Johnson


DL - P.J. Jones

Out for season

DB - Xavier Grindle