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EA Sports NCAA '13 Simulation: Mississippi State vs Troy

I had some pics from the game, but for some reason my IPad wouldn't send them where I wanted them.  So you'll have to settle for this pic of Corey Robinson with a goofy look on his face.
I had some pics from the game, but for some reason my IPad wouldn't send them where I wanted them. So you'll have to settle for this pic of Corey Robinson with a goofy look on his face.

Bulldog fans it's time for another edition of the EA Sport's NCAA '13 simulation. Last week's sim predicted that Auburn would be victorious and thankfully it couldn't have been more wrong! Last year's Auburn game sim predicted that State would win and we lost...go figure.

Mississippi State takes on the Trojans this weekend in what many believe could be a classic trap game. Although this year's team looks unlike anything else we've seen on the field in recent years, I'm still cautiously optimistic about the remainder of the season. Troy is one of the games that everyone expects State to win and that is what scares me.

Find out the results of the simulation after the jump!

Mississippi State loses the coin toss and Troy decides to kick off first.

First Quarter:

Jameon Lewis takes the kickoff and is brought down near the 28 yard line. The first play of the game is an eleven yard pass to Chad Bumphis for a first down. Russell goes to Bumphis again on the fresh set of downs and again it's an eleven yard gain. It's LaDarius Perkins turn next and back to back runs gets nine yards for the Bulldogs. On third and one, Tyler Russell decides to go to the air and he finds Adrian Marcus standing by his lonesome on the sideline. Marcus catches the pass and carries the ball another eight yards. He is brought down at the Troy thirteen yard line, and just like that the Bulldogs are threatening to score. After a failed run attempt by Tyler Russell, the quarterback decides to air out again on second down. He finds Jameon Lewis open at the back corner of the end zone. Russell's ball lands right between the numbers and Lewis holds on to get the first touchdown of the game.

After a seven play, seventy-three yard drive, the Bulldogs are on top 7-0.

The Trojans decide to take a knee on the kickoff and will start their drive at the 25. Their first play is a run by senior running back Shawn Southward for ten yards and a first down. Southward runs again on the fresh set of downs and again gets ten yards and a first down. An eight yard run and then a pass to Chris Williams earns another Trojan first down. Troy is now at the Bulldog 36 yard line. Three more quick passes and quarterback Corey Robinson suddenly has the Trojans threatening on the Bulldog four yard line. Shawn Southward attempts to punch it in on the ground on the next play, but the Bulldog defense stands tall and brings him down at the two. Robinson drops back to pass on second down and he lobs the ball into the air toward the back corner of the end zone. Tight end Jim Teknipp catches it in stride and the ref signals touchdown. It looked to me like Teknipp stepped out and, as expected, the booth is reviewing the play. I'm watching the replay and there is no way in hell this isn't gett--What the hell? They just said the call on the field stands?!?!

Even though it's crap, the game is now tied 7-7.

Jameon Lewis returns the kickoff to the twenty. Tyler Russell trots out on the the field with an understandable chip on his shoulder after that BS touchdown the refs gave Troy. I swear he just gave the ref a "go to hell" look. It's an option play on first down and Perkins manages a five yard gain. A pass to Jameon Lewis gets the first down. Perkins runs it again on the next play and he finds a huge hole...he crosses midfield and is finally brought down on the Troy 46 yard line. The Bulldogs are really playing with a faster tempo now...a nice mix of runs and passes suddenly has the Bulldogs at the Troy eleven yard line. It's at this point that Tyler channels his inner Chris Relf and decides to run it in...only he's laid out at the five and fumbles the ball. Fortunately another Bulldog player (couldn't tell who) jumped on the lose ball and bailed Russell out. Its now 2nd down and this time Russell wisely decides to give the ball to a guy who can actually run it...LaDarius Perkins picks up a first down. It's now first and goal and the Bulldogs are on the one yard line. This time Russell hands it off to Derrick Milton and Milton is brought down at the goal line. Now he's just lying on his back squirming which means he's either trying to relieve a really annoying itch or he's injured. I think he's injured. It's now second down and the Bulldogs are going to try the run's fullback Adrian Marcus's turn and he finishes the job!

Bulldogs now lead 14-7!

The return by Troy only gets to the twenty yard line. Robinson tries a deep pass play on first down that is broken up by the Bulldog defender. Two more passes go no where and as the first quarter expires, Troy prepares to put the ball away.

2nd Quarter:

Jameon returns a very mediocre punt to the 44 yard line. An option play on first down results in a one yard loss on Perkins. Another running play only gets one yard back. It's now third and ten. Russell decides to pass now and finds Bumphis for a big first down. The Bulldogs are now across midfield. Russell fires two more bullets and both are caught by Chad Bumphis and Chris Smith. MSU is now at the Troy eight yard line. A handoff to Perkins results in an easy TD.

Bulldogs now lead it 21-7

Troy will start their next drive at the 25 yard line after the kickoff. A run on first down results in a loss for the Trojans. Robinson completes a pass that gets back what they just loss and now it's 3rd and 10. Robinson gets greedy and goes for a homerun, he launches a missile way down the field that is intercepted by Louis Watson! Watson is tackled at the 36 yard line.

Tyler Russell is sacked on first down for a six yard loss. A completed pass to Jameon Lewis on second down now has them in a third and five situation. The next pass is complete, but two yards short of a first down. MSU punts the ball away.

The Trojans take over at the 27 yard line. Robinson's pass is caught by Justin Albert for a first down but Albert wants more, he gets a few more yards but fumbles the ball during the tackle. Unfortunately, the ball rolled out of bounds before a Bulldog defender could jump on it. Two more quick passes have the Trojans across midfield with a fresh set of downs. Another completed pass and the Trojans are now at the Bulldog 27. A sure TD is dropped by the receiver on the next play. Finally, Robinson connects with a receiver that held on to the ball in the end zone. The touchdown makes the score 21-14 with the Bulldogs still leading.

Jameon Lewis returns the kickoff to the thirty yard line. Lewis then catches a pass from Tyler Russell for a first down. With time now a factor, Russell begins working the sidelines ton conserve time. There is about a minute left in the half and State has all three time outs. Unfortunately, the drive stalls out and MSU is forced to punt the ball away.

Troy takes over at the twenty. They are content with running the ball to get to half time.

At Half-time Mississippi State Leads 21-14

3rd Quarter:

State had the ball to start the game so they kick off to Troy to get the second half started.

After the return, Troy quarterback Corey Robinson hands the ball off to the halfback for an immediate first down. On the next play Robinson drops back to pass...he fires...and it's intercepted by Corey Broomfield! Broomfield returns the INT to the Troy 24 yard line.

Perkins runs on first down and makes his way to the Troy eight yard line for a first down. Three runs and a row and the Bulldogs are only able to advance to the two yard line. They are forced to settle for a field goal.

Bulldogs lead is now 24-14

Troy's first play of the drive is a deep pass that is nearly picked off. They play it safe and run it on second down, easily earning a first down. Robinson drops back for what appears to be another long pass play but the blitzing Bulldogs won't allow it and sack him for a loss of ten yards. It's now second and 20. The next two passes are incomplete and Troy is forced to punt the ball away.

After the return, the Bulldogs have good field position and begin the drive at their own 41. Perkins wastes no time busting loose for a big run and gets the Bulldogs into Troy's side of the field. After a couple of busted plays, Russell is now stuck in a 3rd and eleven situation. He goes for the end zone and the ball sails right into the hands of Bumphis...but he drops it! Bulldogs punt--No! It's a fake! A lateral pass to Dee Arrington! Arrington gets just enough for a first down and the drive continues. Tyler Russell is sacked on first down for a loss of two yards. The next two plays only get a few yards and State is forced to attempt a 46 yard field goal. It's good and now the Bulldogs lead 27-14.

Troy goes three and out and punts the ball right back.

After the return, MSU takes over at the 30. A pass play to Ricco Sanders quickly moves the Bulldogs into Troy territory. They're now just past midfield at the 45. The Bulldogs begin to pound out yards on the ground and get to the 28 yard line as the 3rd quarter expires.

Bulldogs lead is 27-14

4th Quarter:

The first play of the 4th quarter is a pass play to the back of the end zone and Russell's throw is picked off! Apparently MSU's band is confused because they're playing Hail State like we just scored a TD or something. Nevertheless, it's now Troy's ball.

Not to be outdone, Corey Robinson throws a rocket down the field and is immediately intercepted by Corey Broomfield for his second INT of the game!

Bulldogs take over at their own 35.

Tyler Russel decides to lateral to Perkins and--I kid you not--the ball is intercepted by Troy's Brynden Trawick...he takes it to the house and now the Bulldog lead is trimmed to 27-21.

Tyler Russell's first pass on the new drive is a pass and guess what? It's not intercepted. It is incomplete though. Perkins runs for a first down on the next play to get a fresh set of downs. Apparently MSU is ready to start burning clock because the continue to give it to Perkins...he gets another first down. Russell decides to run on the next play, and as usual, he is brought down for a loss. Another incomplete pass and on third down Russell is sacked! Bulldogs punt on fourth down. Starting to sweat...Troy has a shot.

As expected, Troy is going no huddle on their next drive. After a couple of runs, Robinson goes to the air and finds a wide open receiver down field. He's chased down and tackled but not before he gets to the Bulldog 15 yard line...uh oh. The first play is an incomplete pass, the second play is a run that goes absolutely no where....on third down Robinson fires a shot to the back of the end zone, and it's caught! Thankfully, the receiver's foot was out of bounds and it's ruled incomplete. Troy has no choice but to go for it on fourth down because a field goal won't do. Robinson throws another pass on a play that just looked the previous's caught again! This time, sadly, it's a touchdown...but wait...another booth review! This time the officials get it right and the call is overturned! The receiver's toe was out of bounds. Bulldogs take over on downs.

The Bulldogs wisely run the ball to force Troy to burn up their time outs. When the game is in hand, MSU ends it with the victory formation.

The Bulldogs manage to escape a tough Troy team to earn the victory.

Bulldogs win 27-21

Notable Stats:

Tyler Russell was 17-24 with one TD pass and 231 yards

Corey Robinson was 15-28 with two TD's and 208 yards

MSU had 148 yards rushing

Troy had 67 yards rushing