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MSU News & Notes | Friday, September 14, 2012

Your mom reads the blog
Your mom reads the blog

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo Friday. Feels good doesn't it? Shoot, I'd crack a beer right now if it wasn't 5 in the morning. I mean, who do you think I am, a LSU fan? Today's news and notes are short, but it's not always about size, you guys and girls, so don't be so judgemental. Gah.

Hey - now get out there and have a great Friday! Enjoy your day, because you don't have to go in tomorrow! That's right this time tomorrow you'll be well you'll be snoozing but hours after that you'll be watch football! That's right, I said it, football. That deserves a happy dance.



BONUS FRIDAY VIDEO: This won't pump you up, but this man has the best voice in music. Enjoy.

Aaron Lewis of Staind - Something To Remind You - Brand New! LIVE Reading, PA 04/27/11 (via BreakMyFall2008)

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