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FWtCT Rado Show - Previewing Troy with Wes Johnson

Last night Justin Sutton and I (mostly Justin) had a chance to chat with Wes Johnson, sports editor for the Troy Messenger. Wes gave us some really great insight on the Trojans, their spread offense, and how they already have their offensive identity, despite what the stats may show sow far.

Wes also touches on how fans and players alike are geared up for State to come to town. Really, really good listen, and we thank Wes again for coming on the show. The best part is that after a few minutes, I basically fade out of the audio due to some technical (non drinking related, swears) issues.

[click HERE for the link for those who can't see the player above]

You can check out all of Wes' outstanding work at the Troy Messenger's website or on twitter.