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Winstoncounty'sfinest BlogPoll: Week 3

Well I caught a lot of flack for keeping Arkansas in the top 25 last week but guess what? I predicted a massacre this week and a dropping out of the team so there's that. I'm glad that USC can now be pushed out of the top 5 picture until the end of the year when ESPN is pushing them for a national championship. With their loss, the SEC now has three guys in the top 5 with Bama and LSU at one and two and Georgia at number 5. I pushed Michigan State down 12 spots nearly dropping them out and I kept State at 23 because I don't think they're quite ready to start moving fluently but you saw this week that the voters ARE taking notice. We'll see what the rest of SBNation thinks when the poll comes out later. What are your thoughts on the poll?