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MSU News & Notes | Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's MSU News and Notes sponsored by DMSOBSADOTRGT (Dan Mullen School Of Button Shirts And Doing Other Things Really Good Too).

  • Most importantly, yesterday was Dan Mullen news conference day (hence the cracking-wise up top on Dan's polo buttoning choices). Here's the video replay of the conference, in case you want to check it out:

  • If you're more into reading the transcript than watching the video, you can do so here.
  • You can catch the high points of the press conference at Marcello's blog. Among other things, Dan discusses the epidemic of dropped passes Saturday, and he relates it to lack of focus, and guys thinking ahead before they actually have secured the ball. Mullen also discusses being ranked, 22 (!!!) missed tackles and 18 missed assignments in the Troy game, and all the adjustments that will need to be made after the game last Saturday.
  • ESPN is so douchey about their embed allowances, so anyways, here's an awesome catch by Chris Smith Saturday against Troy. Go to the ESPN site to watch children, they'll be no embedding here!
  • I loved the Matte finish helmets Saturday. If it were up to me, we'd wear those every game. Also, the road uni's looked outstanding as well.
  • Speaking of football fashion, here's Saturday's digs for South Alabama, including gray pants! #TEAMGRAYPANTS


via Bob's Twittergram

  • So... a guy streaked at the Ole Miss game Saturday night. IMPORTANT: does it count as streaking if you still have your skibbies on? That will be a heated topic most likely today on the site.

Ole Miss Streaker Vs. Texas 9.15.12 (via MrJustme8786)

  • I love GIFs. ALL OF THEM.

  • Let Jon Bois judge your tailgate food. I submitted my Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer, and got a 7.5 (Bois is a Favre fan, and LM is brewed in 'the kill" where Brett is from).
  • Something else I missed yesterday: Derrick Milton did not see the field Saturday for State versus Troy, which was surprising to me. Milton had been holding that #2 position behind LaDarius Perkins most of the season so far.
  • An update on the jumbotron... no, the other one. They continue work on taking the Foglesong Poop Maroon old jumbotron down, preparing to build the new endzone expansion in the north endzone.


That's it for today ladies and gentlemen. Have a great day!

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