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The View from Section C Row 27 Seat 23


(I'm not great at stitch photos on the fly in a stadium)

I'm going to steal a play from my friend @tbradenbishop's playbook and give you my five thoughts from the MSU-Jackson State game as well.

1) The Bulldogs lacked intensity and crispness: I despise easy opening games because teams usually play them at a fairly flat level. The Bulldogs' game against Jackson State felt like a glorified version of a Spring Game instead of the opening game of the season. While the Bulldogs won this game handily, they have to crank it up a notch to take care of Auburn, a team that has already played a tough game against a good foe.

2) The crowd lacked the enthusiasm of 1998-2000: This might be an unfair judgment since I have never attended a game in the Dan Mullen Era, but the crowd really did not bring it. Again, it was Jackson State, but it was also the home opener. I don't remember leaving games (except for a certain Oregon one) while I was a student. Last night, I had little desire to stay and watch the second half in crowded conditions. Neither did about half of the crowd. These games suck for fans, and the ticket prices should be even lower than they are for them. The atmosphere from 1998-2000 will be hard to replicate.

3) I hope we see a more aggressive secondary next week: The Bulldogs did not show much against Jackson State. They should not have. The fact that Jackson State receivers found plenty of open space to catch balls concerned me. The Tigers would have put up more first half points if it had not taken a quarter for their guys to catch the ball. Yes, State had two pick-sixes, but there is still work to do. Next week, the Bulldogs need to be physical with receivers and disrupt Auburn's The Fighting Chiz timing all day.

4) No Bryan's hotdogs? No Problem: I found the new products to be quite delightful.

5) I'm glad we have Devon Bell: The true freshman from Warren Central played the part well. Dan Mullen says that he will probably use both Egan and Bell next week. I think Bell should just have the job. Yes, he missed the long field goal, but you have a bit of confidence when he kicks it. I can't say the same for Egan.

BONUS: Swayze in the ticket office is the best. We ended up with a lost ticket, and she took the time to help us! Thanks Swayze!