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Winstoncounty'sfinest Blogpoll: Week 4

Not a lot of change at the top for me this week. Every poll that has been released this week has LSU dropping from number two but I'm just not ready to drop them down just yet. I still think that they'll be one of the top teams in the country when it's all said and done. They looked really bad against Auburn but how many times have you seen the Mad Hatter pull off wins in terrible fashion. Yet he just wins baby. I was less than impressed with State last night. Had they won big I think they deserve to be inside the top 20 like they are in the USA Today poll this week but they don't quite deserve to be inside the top 20. Let me know what you guys all think of this week's poll. It pained me to not put Arkansas in there this week. They were close........ Poor John L.