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MSU News & Notes | Monday, September 24, 2012

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So seriously, how are we supposed to amuse ourselves with no Bulldog football this weekend? Should we watch other football? We can, but Gameday is visiting the Ohio State at Michigan State battle [vomits], so you know it's a slow weekend slate of games. Should we dance with wolves, much like American hero Kevin Costner did? No, because the movie title was only a metaphor, that act would most likely leave us torn to shreds. No, I have but one idea in mind of what we can do to pass the time next weekend when State isn't playing a football game. Ready? Are you sure?.....


The Office: Parkour! from bidji on Vimeo.

I wouldn't advise you to try the dumpster trick. I pretty much had the same results Andy did. Now, let's take a look at a few News and Notes from around the world of Mississippi State sports to start off your work week.

  • State was able to maneuver a 30-10 victory Saturday over the South Alabama Jaguars. Although the dogs got the W, it really was a weird game, with miscues and seemingly uninspired play throughout. Now, one could certainly understand the difficulty of getting up for a game against a seemingly outmatched foe, but that's part of the job being a Top 25 team. You have to be able to play at your own level each game, not play down for the lesser teams and play up for the big games. State has had the bad habit of doing that in the past, so this isn't anything new necessarily. And to tell the truth, a lot of really good teams have been guilty of such as well. But you just have to hope that it's just that: playing down to the foe, and not potential problems being exposed in games where they didn't necessarily foil the spoils of victory. Please don't label me a bad fan, simply label me as overcautious, and withholding joining the praise that comes with being Top 20 ranked. State's next 3 games are all winnable, and they include 2 SEC opponents. Even if none of the opponents are the world's best, I would still be willing to say at that time that this team has made it. Who doesn't love a 4-0 SEC start?
  • Speaking of rankings, State climbed to 19th in the USA Today Poll and 21st in the AP Poll. I don't make much of rankings this early, especially after moving up due to others falling and after a poor showing against an inferior opponent. BUT, I'll take it.
  • Here's some post-game interviews via Barcello.
  • Hey - United it coming. SOON
  • Here's our post game recaps in case you missed them - my Quick Hits and WCF's Game Recap.
  • Your animated drive chart for Saturday's game:

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

That's it for today, boys and girls. Have a great off week Monday and OH MY GOSH I MISS MSU FOOTBALL ALREADY [hugs Dan Mullen cardboard cutout]