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FWtCT Radio Show - Rewind Edition

The Radio Show
The Radio Show

Well, if you're not a big fan of ME, this is your lucky week. I had to go down to Gulf Shores for a wedding on the beach so I didn't get to watch the South Alabama game. I did enjoy the FWtCT internet barbecue while I was at the reception, and I thank y'all for keeping me up to date in a much more entertaining fashion than twitter could. I did get to watch the Auburn/LSU game while I was there with a really overzealous Auburn fan who was yelling at the TV in only a way folks from Alabama can. Point being, I still haven't been able to watch the replay and didn't feel as though I could adequately discuss the game yet.

Soooo..... Justin and Robbie (wistoncountysfinest) teamed up to bring you the rewind show this week. Of course, those two do a great job of bringing you Mississippi High School Football every Friday morning, and they delved into that as well as talking about the Mississippi State game and the rest of the SEC action. There will likely be a couple points in the show when you'll have to say "bless their hearts" because they'll refer to wrastlin'. I will surely be back in the host's chair next week to stop the madness that is these two goons talking about guys hitting each other over the head with folding chairs.

Here is a link for mobile readers. Here is the embed for PC readers...