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FWtCT Radio Show - A FWtCT's Favorite Memory Interview with Hank Flick

In the off week we take a break from the preview radio show and bring you one of our favorite interviews ever on Bulldog Sports Radio - Justin Sutton talking with former MSU PA man, professor, and local legend - Dr. Hank Flick

We are taking a break here in the back end of the off week from doing any FWtCT Game Preview Show (you know, because there's no game). However, we won't leave you empty handed, loyal listeners and readers, as we are bringing you one of our all time favorite interviews from the Bulldog Sports Radio archives.

Our radio partners and crime and the outstanding platform from which we bring you our radio show each week, Bulldog Sports Radio, just turned 1 years old, so if you haven't already, make sure to drop in and wish them happy birthday. As a part of the celebration, this week they have re-aired some of the best shows from the first year. One of our favorite shows here (not just because the host writes with us) was Justin Sutton's interview with Dr. Hank Flick on the Daily Grind. Dr. Flick is known to most State fans as the former voice of the Bulldogs' PA system at football and men's basketball games up until several seasons ago. Dr. Flick has also taught in the communications department on campus for years. But Dr. Flick is more than just that: he's quite the interesting personality, and provided Justin and the gang one of the most delightful interviews these ears have ever taken in. We would encourage you to check it out below, or you can also check it out in your Bulldog Sports Radio App's On Demand section [Here's the link for you mobile viewers].