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MSU News and Notes | Friday, September 28, 2012

Cohen talks of the 2013 baseball team, Dan eats wings (all of them), BSR's birthday, and more

Happy Friday folks! Hope it's been a quick work week for ya and you're headed off to do something fun in the off weekend. Might I suggest some fun activities?

  1. Jogging (soft j)
  2. Read a good book
  4. Get a puppy
  5. Attend a tractor pull

Hopefully you can find something constructive and fun to do out of the above list, or might I suggest mixing all of them together? It could be fun! let's dive in to the News and Notes, shall we?

  • I love you, off week. So far the off week has given us Snow and Egg Bowl jerseys, and now the great god of off weeks has given Dan Mullen in a wing eating contest at Buffalo Wild Wings. With photographic evidence, I might add! Here's Dan in action (he ate 24 in 5 minutes!)


  • Did you hear? The NFL regular refs have returned. Here's their return grand entrance.
  • It's no surprise that State has a lot to be excited about when baseball season rolls around next spring. Coach Cohen returns the bulk of a team that won the SEC tournament championship last year, and the team is hungry for more in 2013. The media met with Coach Cohen yesterday, and he had a lot to say about the squad as they prepare for fall practice. State does lose Chris Stratton, Nick Routt, and Caleb Reed, but the team returns a ton on offense, including what will hopefully be a healthy tandem of C.T. Bradford and Daryl Norris, among many others. Lots of good info in that recap from Barcello.
  • This is flat scary (and also awesome):

  • Nerd Nick Saban? Nerd Nick Saban. [side note: if you view that link more than 3 times he shows up at your house and beats you unmercifully]
  • A quick update on WR commit DeAndre Woods from Bulldawg Junction ($)
  • Congrats go out to our brothers over at Bulldog Sports Radio, who recently celebrated their 1 year birthdayversary. Congrats you guys! Thanks for hosting our show(s), and many successful years to you in the future. Make sure you check out the app [iPhone] [Android]

That's it for today folks, have a weekend that falls somewhere in the range of above mediocre to great!

BONUS FRIDAY VIDEO [slightly NSFW - language]:

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Steve Carell (via FunnyorDie)