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Winstoncounty'sfinest Blogpoll Top 25: Week 1

I think we can all agree that there is no way after this weekend that USC can hold on to that top spot over Bammer. The TYED did what I knew they'd do: embarrass one of the most overrated programs in college sports. What surprised me, however, is how easily they've transitioned from big time losses. Who would have thought that one of the more dominating backs in our lifetime would be so easily replaceable. And by a freshman.... As long as Saban is at the helm, I find it hard to imagine anyone other than an SEC opponent dethroning this program.

Oklahoma State not only covered their spread (the largest in vegas history), they tacked on nearly 20 more points. I moved them up a few spots because I think they contend for that Big 12 championship once again this year and could be in the conversation when it's all said and done.

I pondered the thought of dropping Michigan out completely, but dropping from 8th to out of the top 25 is a bit much. I also still think they could win 10 games again just because they play NOBODY. Get them off of my tv.

Florida is dangerously close to dropping out as well and I think this week is a possibility for that to happen. But because they just won there was no reason to keep them out.

Now on to MSU. I've heard several State fans pleading for the dawgs in the top 25. You're gonna have to wait for that. Even with a win this weekend, I'm not sure State cracks the top 25 until a 4-0 start. But they are on the edge right now so a couple of losses here and there and they could be in next week. But let's get through that game first. We all know how big that one is.

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