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MSU News & Notes | Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Tuesday, but honestly it feels like Monday.  But still, it's Tuesday, which is NOT Monday, so technically that's okay.  Oh here are your news and notes from around the world of MSU sports (for Tuesday)
It's Tuesday, but honestly it feels like Monday. But still, it's Tuesday, which is NOT Monday, so technically that's okay. Oh here are your news and notes from around the world of MSU sports (for Tuesday)

I'm back guys!

After 5 days in a little slice of heaven tucked in northwestern Alabama commonly referred to as Smith Lake, I'm back in the blogging saddle, here to get your ready for the big game with the barners this weekend. Many thanks to Metal Building Dawg for covering for me, and if you enjoyed his news and notes more than mine WELL KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF THIS IS A DICTATORSHIP NOT A DEMOCRACY.

Now that that's settled, on to the news and notes!

  • You may not have heard about this but while I was out this weekend State won a football match which happened to take place at Davis Wade Stadium. Oh, you did hear? Well, my apologies. I've been focused on lake water and Yuengling for 5 days straight. While we're at it though, let's talk about State's 56-9 victory over Jackson State. For starters, I think what we saw on the field was about what we expected: an easy victory, some impressive offensive numbers, and some things that need work. Here are a few quick hits from my viewing of the game this weekend:

- The new uniforms look outstanding. No complaints from me at all.

- Man, I expected to see Derrick Milton at some point this season, but this much? Milton led State in rushing Saturday with 65 yards on 8 carries and 1 TD, and looked really good out there. Milton is a big, strong back, and should do his part helping to fill the empty power back spot left by Vick Ballard's graduation. Milton was one of 4 Bulldog running backs to carry the ball Saturday, but if he continues to register solid numbers, look for his work load to potentially increase this fall.

- I like the brick on the front of the East and West sides of the stadium. Looks great.

- Mullen's Run Dan Run picture coming out of the gate was fantastic. Oh and let's go coach we're pumped!!!!!!......... /pileup.

  • I watched a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers this weekend. That is both an awe-inspiringly crazy show and yet I could not look away. Also I've begun to stockpile large amounts of weapons and twinkies with my buddy Fluffy from ShirtsorSkins.
  • There's still a lot to talk about from State's win Saturday - both good and bad - but for now, we turn our attention to this week's opponent, Auburn. I don't need to tell anyone how big this game is. I won't go as far to say that it makes or breaks the 2012 season for us, but it makes or breaks the 2012 season for us. I'll detail that more in a separate piece later in the week, but for now, we will bring you all the info we can about the Tigaaaaahs.
  • Brandon Marcello talks about the elephanTiger in the room: State hasn't beat Auburn in awhile, and hasn't won an SEC opener since (yikes) 1999. The players are aware of it, the coaches are too, and everyone is hoping to break some bad streaks this upcoming weekend.
  • How did Auburn do in their opening weekend game? Well, not so well, as the Tigers fell to another Tigers of the Clemson variety 26-19 in the Chik Fil A Kickoff Classic in Atlanta. Auburn, who was breaking in new offensive and defensive coordinators as well as a new starter at QB in Kiehl Frazier, played well enough to run with #14 Clemson, but in the end, came up short to fall to 0-1 on the season.
  • Strange Brew Coffeehouse is the best at many things: coffee being one, oh and sign ideas being another. Here's one side of the latest:


via Brew's Book of Face

We would never accept taunting of Brian VanGorder's Miami Vice mustache or his 80's cocaine dealer haircut, but frankly I'm glad someone brought to the world's attention Gene Chizik's utter refusal to WEAR HIS SHORT SLEEVE WINDBREAKER LIKE SOMEONE WHO ISN'T 96 YEARS OLD OHMAGOODNESS IS THAT A DRAFT I FEEL ON MY NECK IN THIS 200000 DEGREE WEATHER? #SBCoffeehouse4Fashion #AllFashion

Sorry for the short N&N session this morning but I was short on time, getting back into town yesterday afternoon. Promise N&N will have more for you tomorrow in the AM! Have a great day, and remember, it's OKAY to call him $cam Newton this week, because it's Auburn week.

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