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Rick Ray dismisses Shaun Smith, Kristers Zeidaks for repeated team rules violations

They say the rich sometimes get richer. Well, sometimes the poor get poorer, too.

State today announced that head basketball coach Rick Ray has dismissed Junior reserves Shaun Smith and Kristers Zeidaks from the team for repeated violation of team rules.

Smith, who was at one time a high potential recruit out of nearby Noxubee County High School, had been plagued with injuries throughout his MSU career, which has now ended.

Zeidaks, who had been serving a lengthy suspension prior to playing for MSU due to an amateur status issue, would have most likely seen the floor a good bit this season once eligible, even if off the bench, as one of the few members of the Bulldog basketball squad with any height at 6 feet 9 inches tall.

Although these guys are labeled as "reserves," that term means little for a squad who has already been decimated by Arnett Moultrie's early jump to the NBA, Renardo Sidney's leaving, as well as the huge loss of Rodney Hood to Duke, among other defections.

The dismissal of Smith (6'6") and Zeidaks (6'9") leaves State's roster with a total of four (4!) guys 6'6" or taller. Yikes.

We all knew there would be some shakeup after Rick Stansbury retired last spring, but I doubt any of us thought it would be this widespread. I will say this in a positive light though: at least you know there's some sort of discipline behind the scenes now with coach Ray. By all accounts there was little to none in the former regime.

State will most likely rely heavily in the low post on Wendell Lewis and newcomer Gavin Ware, who in several months has gone from a guy who could potentially redshirt and get some experience to one who will be called on early and often.