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Thursday Injury Report - Auburn

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Auburn - Saturday, September 8th - 11am


All seems to be quiet this week on the injury front for Mississippi State (knocks on wood)

In last week's report we touched on four players:

  • TE Malcolm Johnson - Malcolm remains out, recovering from a pectoral injury. Johnson is not expected to return for at least several more weeks.
  • RG Tobias Smith - Not as much based on a specific injury as it was a career full of injuries, Tobias Smith was limited in snaps he saw last weekend versus Jackson State.
  • LG Templeton Hardy - Hardy was listed as doubtful for last week's game due to an ankle injury. Got to be honest here, I'm not sure if he played or not.
  • WR Joe Morrow - Joe's "injury" was a very minor one - WR's coach Tim Brewster told the media Joe had a slightly bruised knee in practice, but by the looks of his time on the field Saturday, he appears to be fine.

Overall, it seems like Johnson may be the only one out for this weekend's game versus Auburn, at least due to injury. Swept under the rug of last week's big opening win, though, was the suspension of 3 players: Jamerson Love, P.J. Jones, and Ricco Sanders. There has been no update since the announcement of their suspensions last Saturday, so one can speculate that they will not return this weekend for Auburn. As for injuries, I would expect RG Tobias Smith to be at full go Saturday. He may still share snaps as coaches ease him back from injury last season, but we will need all we can get out of the big guy in a very important SEC opener this weekend.

I'll be honest in saying I am not sure as to what Templeton's status will be this weekend. As for Morrow, we know he's at or near 100%, definitely enough to play.

Summary - Injuries for the Auburn game


TE - Malcolm Johnson


DT - P.J. Jones

WR - Ricco Sanders

DB - Jamerson Love


LG - Templeton Hardy

Will Play

WR - Joe Morrow

RG - Tobias Smith

That's it for this week's injury report. If we missed any big injuries, please let us know. Other than that, here's to hoping everyone stay's healthy between now and kickoff Saturday night!