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TBraden's MSU Gameday Domination - Auburn Edition

Let's have a weekly segment strictly devoted to a personal favorite eatery for MSU and visiting fans. I don't know much about much but I do know food. Sometimes eating out is cheaper than buying, preparing, and grilling on gamedays. These articles will be devoted to those who strive to find the best places to smash before, during, or after football games in Starkville. Let me say this: I am totally open to suggestions, bashings, and, of course, endless praise.

Welcome to Starkvegas, Aubie. Without further delay, our first choice for fantastic tailgate grub in Starkville is... The Little Dooey.


(courtesy of @TheLittleDooeys)

Location: Starkville and Columbus (two locations)

Speciality: BBQ

Rating: Five TBB Stars (out of five)

Twitter: @TheLittleDooeys

ODDS AND ENDS: The Little Dooey, or Little Dooeys or even Dooey's, is the epitome of fine barbecue in Starkville. It's received loads of praise from various ESPN, CBS, ABC, Jefferson Pilot, Raycom, etc. commentators for over 20 years. They also hang magazine covers all over their restaurant showing they have renown smoked and fried recognition.

For almost 15 years, they allowed their customers to write on tables, chairs, and walls to show their pride in the food, hometown and Bulldogs, but that's recently been changed due to unknown management reasons.

They have an inside dining area, outside enclosed patio, and a small bar. Really cool venue options for everyone.

MENU SUGGESTIONS: It's hard to beat the Dooey nachos when you pick an appetizer. Be careful. Buying the large will result in ruining your entree, but you will be stuffed. Their salads are solid, but their fish and barbecue are what put this place on the national food map. Their sides are truly special, too. I suggest the fried pickles, waffle fries, or fried okra. They often have miscellaneous desserts made by local folks on sale in their case. The chocolate pie is quite clutch. For entire menu options, click here.

WARNING: If you decide to go, be ready for a long line and/or a wait on food. They pride themselves in saying they're not a fast food joint. And they aren't. Take for example the chicken on a stick; if ordered, it's a least a 20-45 minute wait. But dude, it's worth it. It's my go-to favorite with ranch and homemade honey mustard. Period.

Eat, Ring, and Be Happy