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The Junction Journal: Vol. 1 Issue 1

Junction Journal: Vol. 1 Issue 1
Junction Journal: Vol. 1 Issue 1

Man, we crushed happy hour at Dave's. How many shots of Jager did we take at The Bin? Whose late night is this? Megan? I don't think I know her. Is she the blonde? Ohhhh, the brunette. Nice. You know what we should do? See that passed out guy? Let's draw up MSU's first play on his forehead! Dude, The Junction is going to be SICK tomorrow. Wait, the game is when?!


We've all been there. Partying our tails off like any other Friday night to realize that the game starts in 8 hours. And let's get something clear, missing the tailgate before Bulldogs' SEC opener vs Auburn is 100% unacceptable.

Here are some essential tips to survives the early morning tailgate / 11 a.m. kickoff...

SOME REST IS BETTER THAN NONE. I know what you're thinking. "I'll just stay up all night and roll directly into the tailgate!" You can totally do this...if you want to be a walking corpse by the end of the first quarter. After the late night (and the later night at that guy's/girl's house whose name you can't remember), grab a few zzzzs. Even if it's just an hour or two.

"FORGET GATORADE, DRINK PEDIALYTE." -@justinrsutton This is a proven hangover cure.

BEER BEFORE LIQUOR. There's nothing more enjoyable than whiskey on a college football Saturday, but hold off at the tailgate (save the whiskey for the game). Beer will ease you into things and make for a game you'll actually remember. Don't like beer? Pick up some Zing Zang and OJ and make Bloody Mary's and Screwdrivers. Hell, grab a bottle of cheap champagne too. The ladies at the tailgate will thank you...and some of your buddies too.

BASE COATING. Chicken tenders, seven-layer dip, breakfast burritos...whatever food you can get your hands on EAT IT. If guy next to you is grilling up something awesome, make friends with that guy. Don't over-eat, but sample as much fare as possible.

"NO SHAME IN SETTING UP RIGHT BEFORE THE GAME, TAILGATING AFTER." - @cristilmethod This is a solid point. It's not like the Junction closes right after the game, so you could theoretically set up your stuff just before kick-off (if you can find a spot) and tailgate the afternoon away after we beat Auburn. Man, the bourbon is talking already.

"WATCH IT AT HOME." - @tbradenbishop This is a terrible idea. If you can make it to Starkville for the game, DO IT. There's nothing like SEC atmosphere at DWS, especially for a big game like Auburn.

Even with an early game, I expect The Junction, Bell Island, The Depot, etc. to be alive and kicking. Get there early, stay late, enjoy the scenery (I'm talking about the women), and let's (hopefully) enjoy a win that Dan Mullen and the Bulldogs really need.