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Football on TV with Metal Building Dawg


Week 2!

The day starts out with a BAM at 11:00! Auburn at Mississippi State on ESPN. Sometimes the early games aren't as fun but it can also be kinda nice to watch your team play early and flip around among the other games in the afternoon and night sessions. South Carolina is playing East Carolina on the SEC Network if you just have to flip it during commercial or at halftime. I'll probably have such sweaty palms and nervous stomach I will be oblivious to anything else around me.

After what hopefully will be a win for the Bulldogs, Florida plays at Texas A&M at 2:30 on ESPN. This, of course, will be a very intriguing game. There is a handful of 'I don't really care' games on other networks during this time-slot including Western Kentucky at Alabama on the SEC Network.

At 6:00 things get a little more interesting. Before things get steamrolling I'll make sure the Georgia at Missouri game on ESPN2 is set to record. But at 6, Washington at LSU on ESPN, ULM at UPig on ESPNU, and UTEP at Ole Miss on Fox Sports Net will be one. I'll have the remote on rapid fire during this time frame looking for a good game. If there isn't one, I'll go ahead and start the UGA/Mizzu game. If there is, I'll wait until halftime or something and start the Georgia game about 30 minutes late and skip through the commercials.

Vandy is playing at Northwestern on the Big Ten Network at 7:00 and then there's pretty much nothing after that. But all in all, should be a good day (as long as Mississippi State wins). There's a good game on at 11:00, 2:30 and 6:45 - so the day is covered with something.