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Ole Miss' Michael Oher Commits Blatant Recruiting Violation

As he prepares for the Superbowl, Oher decided to ask a couple recruits to make Oxford their home.


Normally I don't care about the NCAA violation of tweeting recruits. It's almost impossible to track and you never know who is actually behind the tweets - it's unenforceable. But when one of your most famous alumni (The Blind Side), who is currently preparing for the Superbowl, and has a verified account, is tweeting recruits, then I've got to bring it up.

On Wednesday night, Michael Oher decided he'd tweet 5-star prospects Robert Nkemdiche and Laquon Treadwell about how he wanted them to come to Ole Miss...

I guess Mr. Blind Side didn't catch the tweet earlier in the day from the mothership...

What will happen - probably nothing. Ole Miss will self-report and it will go in the file somewhere, no big deal. But why not? If the NCAA would like an opening to curb some of the tweeting at recruits, here is the perfect opportunity. Here you have a certified twitter account, contacting recruits encouraging them to come to the school he played for!