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Regular Season Rewind - Texas A&M Game

#Snowbowl12 on a 70 degree day and a kick at high noon

Stacy Revere

Mississippi State wore white with the special ChillBillyDawg helmet design, A&M was in black. Neither team, whose primary color is maroon, wore it other than the trim on their numbers.

State got the ball first and Russell immediately completed a 4 yard pass and Perkins ran for 14 yards. A false start by Charles Siddoway put the offense into a 1st & 15 and then the All-American DaMontre Moore got a sack and before you know it MSU is punting on 4th & 18.

Miss Piggy, I mean Holly Rowe, was up early - at 6:30 AM to watch the Dawgs move around like zombies in the parking lot. Great reporting as always.

Johnny Football - there's a reason why he won the Heisman Trophy. On 2nd & 6 at midfield he just quickly slips through the line and moves the chains. Then he tosses a quick pass for a first down. As soon and the ref says they can go, they do. State's defense gets gassed so quickly, in this game and the Tennessee game it was apparent that they were winded on the opening drive. Ben Malena ran it in for a 3 yard TD. 7-0 A&M.

The "snow bowl" reunion happening at noon didn't turn out so well. It would have been great to have this as a night game, although more people might have watched this thrashing so maybe not.

When State got the ball back Perkins picked up another first down. Where was this all day - started well on the ground, but there wasn't much after this. The next play was a pass by Russell which was nearly intercepted. Drive ends in a punt after Tyler had to throw it away on 3rd and long.

On the first play of A&M second drive Nickoe Whitley had them dead to right for a loss on the play buy went high with the tackle and it ended up a 33 yard gain. Manziel left, Manziel right. My wife was so pissed watching this game, she'd say, "why is that little fairy running all over us!?" - haha. On 3rd & 11 from the 22 yard line, Christine Michael runs it straight up the gut while we have one linebacker lined up and our safeties are spinning like ballerinas. 14-0 A&M.

After picking up a first down on a couple of Nick Griffin runs, it was time to punt again.

The next drive led to this. 21-0 A&M.

And that play led to Johnny Manziel doing his Cam Newton Superman impression which led to a A&M kicking off at the 20, and Jameon Lewis returned to to near midfield. The Bulldogs got into the redzone but the drive stalled, and when Mullen decided to go for it on 4th down, Russell's pass sailed out of the back of the endzone. Aggie ball.

Manziel doing Manziel things and before you know it they are on the board again with a field goal and the announcers are already talking about A&M's matchup with Bama the next week and it hasn't even reached halftime. 24-0 A&M.

How 'bout another 3 and out just to make this officially the worst half of football in the Mullen era.

Just before the half State actually gets something to go right, a blocked FG after Texas A&M drives down the field with just over a minute left.

Halftime: A&M 24, MSU 0

2nd half starts, and more poor tackling for State. Wilson goes to a 3 man front but it doesn't work, Manziel just keeps moving the ball down the field. Another TD. 31-0 A&M.

The Dawgs can't get anything going yet again, and punt.

Cam Lawrence got a sack on the next Aggie drive. It seemed like he was the only one giving his all, everyone else was going through the motions after they realized the deficit was too much. Finally a punt is forced.

Russell hit Chris Smith on a curl route and he got some YAC for a 42 yard gain to get it down to the A&M 21. State finally scores when Chad Bumphis catches a pass and makes a couple moves for a 14 yard TD. 31-7 A&M.

On the next drive Manziel drives the ball all the way down the field but fumbles as he is reaching for the endzone and MSU recovers for a touchback.

Russell's first play is a completion to Arceto Clark for a first down followed by one to Bumphis. All of the sudden some life for the offense. But...just as soon as we start thinking maybe there's a chance, Russell throws an INT at the A&M 15.

End of 3rd quarter: A&M 31, MSU 7.

In the seemingly never-ending ability of Manziel to move the ball in this game, he drives down the field again but they miss a field goal wide right. MSU ball.

At this point in the game Russell and Co. were able to move the ball pretty well in the 2nd half. In the next drive he continued to move the chains and he runs it in for a 4 yard TD on a read-option play. To try to make it a 16 point game, Mullen opts to go for two, but it was unsuccessful. 31-13 A&M.

Down the field he goes again, touchdown Aggies. 38-13.

With Johnny Football finally out of the game, State's D was able to stop them inside the redzone with under a minute to play. Mercifully, game over.

Final: A&M 38, MSU 13