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FWtCT Bracketology: Conference Superiority Edition

SEC teams continue to play themselves out of bids to the Big Dance.

Kenny Boynton likes to shoot. A LOT.
Kenny Boynton likes to shoot. A LOT.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


While Mike Slive is adding yet another football championship trophy to the SEC stockpile, the league's basketball teams (outside of Missouri and Florida) have been finding ways to pile up mediocre-at-best wins against non-conference opponents. No worries, because the start of the conference schedule means they can now pile up those mediocre wins against each other. Florida, Missouri, and Kentucky are safe bets to make the NCAA tournament from the SEC. The next group of teams: Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss (in currently), Tennessee, and Arkansas will battle for one (maybe two) additional bids. It's not exactly 42-14, ROOOOLLLLL TAAAAHHHHHD...but it's the reality of SEC hoops at the moment.

Now, for the whole picture: Click the images to enlarge.


Last 4 In: Baylor, St. Louis, Virginia, BYU

First 4 Out: Iowa St., Iowa, St. Mary's, Oklahoma

Next 4 Out: Tennessee, Santa Clara, Stanford, St. Joe's