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No. 5 Mississippi State 2, Grambling State 0

We're doing mid-week baseball recaps instead of any and all basketball recaps, ha

When I was just a freshman and sophomore at MSU I lived on campus, and one of my favorite things about that were mid-week baseball games. 4:00 games were pretty awesome too. Just an easy stroll from my boomerang dorm to Dudy Noble to watch some baseball. Or even the 6:30 games when they had $0.25 hot dogs, so there's your super cheap dinner right there.

In this mid-week game, MSU won by a shocking score of 2-0. I was expecting something more along the lines of 15-2, but a win is a win. The Bulldogs are now 5-0.

Winstoncountyfinest might have been at the game, I'm not sure. I think he was because he said he was able to chat with Butch Thompson for a while afterwards, he told me Thompson was extremely passionate about his pitching staff and WCF came away impressed. Anyway, my point is, I wasn't there so I'm just going to recap the game with some tweets...

I hope you enjoyed that. Took me 3 minutes. Here's the video.

Dawgs are off until Friday night when they play Purdue at 6:00.