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Motivation for the Basketball Team

Let's avoid some embarrassment down the stretch here

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

MSU lost their 11th straight game on Wednesday night. The season is lost, but that doesn't mean it's time to give up. Aside from the obvious opportunities to gain experience and get better, State has a list of records they want to avoid..

Vanderbilt comes to the Hump on Saturday. MSU has currently lost 5 straight at home, the record for losses at the Hump is 6 (1985-86). If the Dawgs were to lose this weekend, the next home game is against Ole Miss, and we don't want them to be the ones to force that record on us.

The record for longest losing streak is 14 (1955). If the losing continues, State would be up against tying the record when Ole Miss comes to Starkville, and breaking it at Colombia, South Carolina on March 6th.

No MSU team has lost to Mississippi twice in the same year since 1998 (pre-Stansbury). What's more, they are in the midst of a free-fall, losing 5 of their last 7 and their dream of going to the NCAA Tournament is slipping away. So...there's a chance to shatter some dreams. The March 2nd game is a big one.

The 42-point beat down at the hands of Missouri was good enough to tie for 8th worst of all-time. There's a trip to Lexington, Kentucky next week, let's not double-dip in that top 10.

State has already lost more games (18) this year than any year since 1997. MSU hasn't lost 20 games since 1987, Richard Williams' first year, when they lost 21. But there are 6 games left (including SEC Tournament), so we could potentially lose as many as 24 games. The Mississippi State basketball program has NEVER lost more than 22 games in a year. The worst season in history was 1986: 8-22.

I know the team is trying hard, but they are gonna have to try a little harder - and stay out of trouble. Two more wins would be good, and a win over Ole Miss excellent.