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Typo in invitation means Los Angeles junk yard owner invited to Diamond Classic

You big dummies.

YouTube Screenshot via user Crackle

Associated Pressed | Starkville, Mississippi - An unfortunate typo in an invitation issued last fall to attend this weekend's Diamond Classic at Dudy Noble Field means one Los Angeles junkyard owner will be traveling cross country today to watch some free baseball.

Sanford & Son Salvage owner Fred G. Sanford, who owns the yard with his knucklehead son Lamont, accidentally received an invitation to participate in this weekend's round robin tournament when the school issued the invitation to Sanford, not Samford -- a private college located in nearby Birmingham, Alabama. Although quite surprised by the invitation, Sanford says he's more than happy to travel to town to watch a little baseball. The school, thoroughly embarrassed at the gaff, invited Sanford to come out for free to watch the tournament.

Despite his rapid ascent in age, Sanford told local media that he could, without a doubt, play baseball this weekend, if it wasn't for his heart condition. Mr. Sanford suffers from a self diagnosed heart condition that causes numerous heart attack scares, most of which cause him to witness vivid hallucinations involving his long dead wife, Elizabeth. Fred tells us that if it wasn't for this condition, he'd show these young men a thing or two, but instead, he will watch comfortably from the seats.

To give proof of his condition, Sanford sent the AP this footage of his most recent event, although neither the Los Angeles county health unit nor the local LA media could corroborate the event taking place.

I'm coming, Elizabeth