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Another Good Day at the Dude

The Diamond Dawgs are now 8-0

Mississippi State is now 8-0 after beating Samford and Purdue on Saturday.

The Dawgs exacted a measure of revenge on Samford with a 8-2 victory in Game 1. Adam Frazier led the way with 3 hits but everyone chipped in as State had 13 base knocks in the game.

The Mitchells of no relation held it down - Evan started and went 3, Ross finished the game with 6 innings and recorded the win. Both gave up one run.

Here are the highlights...

In Game 2 MSU beat Purdue for the second time in as many days, this time by a score of 7-6. It was the first time a game was seriously in doubt as the Dawgs trailed by 3 runs at one point, but came back to pull it out.

Kendall Graveman started and went 3.1 innings giving up 4 runs, but only 2 of them earned - MSU had four errors on the night.

Purdue took a 5-2 lead in the top of the 5th, but State quickly came back with two in the bottom half.

A bunting rally* in the 6th eventually lead to a 2-run triple by Hunter Renfroe to make it 7-5 Bulldogs.

Preston Brown, Chad Girado, Myles Gentry, C.T. Bradford and Ben Bracewell bridged the gap to Johnathan Holder in the 9th inning. Purdue scored an unearned run but Holder shook it off and completed the save for his 3rd on the year.