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This Week in MSU Baseball

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For the week of February 25th

Mississippi State University |

Coming up this week is Rhode Island for a pair of mid-week games and a four game set with St. Joseph's this weekend.

Rhode Island is going through the gauntlet to start the year. They are 0-6, but opened at Florida State followed by a trip to Oxford to take on the hated Rebs. The Rams - their mascot - were swept in both series, so they haven't been able to scratch across a win yet. They did, however, play some games tough, including a 10 inning loss in Game 3 vs. FSU, and a 1-0 loss on Saturday vs. Ole Miss. I'm sure they didn't bother leaving the state of Mississippi having just played in Oxford on Sunday.

Brandon Woodruff will take the hill on Tuesday for his second straight Tuesday start. He pitched a perfect six innings vs. Grambling State last week. Wednesday's starter could be Trevor Fitts or Luis Pollorena.

For the third straight weekend MSU will play four games in three days. The double-header in this one will be on Saturday, noon and 3:00.

St. Joseph's is 2-4, having just recently been swept at VCU this past weekend. I'm sure we are likely to see the same rotation of Lindgren, E. Mitchell, Graveman and Cox again.


Homeruns - Hunter Renfroe (2), Mitch Slauter, C.T Bradford, Wes Rea (1)

RBI - Renfroe (9), Alex Detz (7), Bradford (6)

Average - Adam Frazier (.444), Daryl Norris (.429), Renfroe (.393)

Stolen Bases - Frazier (3), Bradford (3), Brett Pirtle (2)

On base % - Slauter (.500), Detz (.500), Frazier (.487)

Wins - Ross Mitchell (2), seven others tied with one

E.R.A. - Johnathan Holder (0.00), Brandon Woodruff (0.00), Will Cox (0.90)

Saves - Holder (3)

Innings Pitched - Jacob Lindgren (11.1), Cox (10), Kendall Graveman (9.2)

Strikeouts - Holder (12), Cox (9), Lindgren (9)