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Friday Discussion: Which MSU baseball team was the best you've ever seen in person?

There's been a lot of talk already about how good this year's baseball team is. But which one would you say is the best you've ever seen?

Jim Rogash

Today's discussion focuses on MSU baseball. I don't have to tell the majority of you that State is off to a great start. At 11-0 and ranked in the top ten, there's a lot of talk about this team being one of the best MSU baseball squads in recent years. But, my question to you guys and girls is this: are they the best you've seen in person?

I haven't yet had the chance to see them in person this season, so I can't really say. And it may be a big premature to say so regardless until we see them take on an SEC opponent. For me, the best MSU baseball team I've seen in person was probably the 2003 squad. Although that team fell short of the College World Series with a loss to North Carolina in the Starkville Regional, I remember that team for having two of the better pitchers I remember seeing in MSU history: Paul Maholm and Jonathan Papelbon. I can't remember who all was on that team that year (if you can help me out, I'd appreciate it), but I do remember how good they were. You can also make a case for the 2007 team. They didn't have the best regular season, but they got white hot in the post season, carrying on to the College World Series.

So, what say you? Which MSU baseball team was the best you've had the pleasure of watching?