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Fancred Goes LIVE! Your Life as a Social Media Sports Fan is Complete

Fancred is catching some serious social media waves as the platform hits the App Store.

Fancred is a new social media platform that lets fans build their sports credibility. And it's now available for the iPhone [in the App Store here].

Via their website...

How it works:

Fancred believes sports fans deserve a better way to communicate, share, and experience sports with one another. You can follow your favorite teams and access the best commentary, videos, GIFs, and photos for that team you love the most.

Fancred score:

The Fancred score is a 1-100 point system that measures your activity and engagement as a sports fan. Increasing your Fancred is as simple as being a sports fan. Share your takes, check-in to games, participate in conversations, read and post articles about your teams, and build a following, The more active you are and the more others engage with your posts, the higher your Fancred will rise. Easy, right?

The app:

Every fan has a unique sports life worth capturing and sharing. AND IT IS FREE.

There's a lot more to it, but you need to check it out yourself. Download the app and login using your Facebook account. They'll add Twitter as a login soon.

If you have more questions, send Michael, Hossein, Jeremy, Craig, or Landon a message. You can also add them on Fancred. They interact like crazy.