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Kentucky Sweeps Twin Bill, Takes Series

The Dawgs lose final game of the series, 4-3

After dropping the first game of the day, MSU lost the second one as well by the same one run margin - this time 4-3.

This loss could be put squarely on the back of Evan Mitchell, who in 17 pitches walked three men and hit a batter which led to 3 runs....he never recorded an out. The bullpen nearly saved the day as they went on to pitch eight shutout innings before Kentucky won it in the 9th. Hat's off to Luis Pollorena (4.0 IP) and Chad Girado (3.1 IP) for their performances.

Hunter Renfroe hit a home run - again. That was his 9th of the year and 3rd of the series. That tied the game in the 5th inning, and that's where it stayed until a bases loaded single in the bottom of the 9th by Cousino won it.

The real question is - who will/can replace Evan Mitchell in the starting weekend rotation? His inability to hit the strikezone and ineffectiveness has put MSU in a hole most of the time he's pitched. Clearly John Cohen is going to go in a different direction...

In the 1st inning, Evan can't throw a strike. We have to find a third guy who can throw strikes.

So - who will it be?

It can't be Woodruff, right? Yeah, he was expected to be the ace of this staff, but his last two starts have been as bad as Mitchell's on Saturday.

To me, it's between Will Cox (2-1, 1.93 ERA) and Luis Pollorena (4-0, 2.77 ERA). Both guys have already started a few games this year, and have done well. Either way I think you move them to Sunday in the rotation and Graveman to Saturday to try and eat up innings. This once deeeeep pitching staff has some holes right now.