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Spring Football Rumors, Hearsay, Etc.

Spring football has come and gone, here is where we may or may not stand.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

I'll be honest, I haven't paid much attention to spring football this year. For several reasons including I've been pretty wrapped up in the baseball team, I have just let it go without reading too much into it. Perhaps that is the same for my fellow writers as we have seemed to drop the ball as far as spring practice goes - although rest assured we will cover every detail this summer.

So before all the air is out of the Spring Game balloon, I'll go over some things floating around out there:

  • Brandon Holloway is playing a lot of tailback and has some folks getting really excited about it
  • Tyler Russell is trying to take some snaps under center but struggling a bit with his footwork
  • Malcolm Johnson, Brandon Hill, Rufus Warren and Gus Walley are doing really well at the TE position
  • Joe Morrow is lost out there, he still looks like he has a long way to go
  • Derrick Milton and Josh Robinson are coming on strong - LaDarius Perkins will have to earn his carries this fall
  • Dak Prescott didn't play in the Maroon & White game, we seem to be a little thin at QB
  • The defensive line looks to be taking shape - the talented but inexperienced youth from last year is taking a step forward
  • Justin Cox looks like he has the ability to step into one of our open corner spots and do a solid job
  • Benardrick McKinney is on his way to becoming an All-SEC player
  • Don't look for Chris Jones to be a starter right off the bat because Preston Smith and Denico Autry will be tough to pass at DE
If you've got any other thoughts you'd like to share as always leave 'em in the comments..