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MSU News & Notes | Monday, April 8, 2013

Get your dose of Mississippi State news and stuff in here

I'm back for my semi-annual edition of MSU News & Notes...

- State was unable to complete the sweep vs. Florida as they won Game 3 on Sunday, 8-3. The Gators had an 8-run 5th inning that sealed the deal. Jacob Lindgren was able to start the game and he pitched four scoreless before getting into trouble in the 5th. He left the game with the bases loaded and no out when he twisted his ankle trying to field a bunt. Myles Gentry came in and gave up a 3-run triple and it continued to unravel from there.

This is the THIRD time John Cohen has put freshman Myles Gentry in a SEC game at a critical point and it has backfired and eventually decided the game. You have to wonder when he will start going with a more experienced hand in those situations.

SEC West Standings

1. LSU, 11-1
2. Arkansas, 8-4
3. Alabama, 8-4 (lost 2 of 3 to ARK)
4. Texas A&M, 6-6
5. Mississippi State, 5-7
6. Ole Miss, 4-8
7. Auburn, 3-9

The Dawgs have a great chance to make some hay coming up with a trip to College Station followed by Auburn at home for Super Bulldog Weekend. The Aggies started out hot with a 5-1 start but have since faded and they stopped a 5-game losing streak on Sunday by salvaging their final game with Auburn. The Plainsman as you can see have not been very good this year. If State can win 5 of those 6 games we would be looking at a 10-8 record, which is good 18 games into the SEC season. From there it's Vandy in Nashville (hope for one win there), Bama in Starkville (must win 2 of 3), Ole Miss in Oxford (at least win one, definite potential for two), and South Carolina at home to round out the year (need to win the series). If the Bulldogs can do that we could be looking at a 16-14 or 17-13 year and with our RPI I definitely think we would be hosting a regional at Dudy Noble.

- MSU had a football scrimmage on Saturday at Davis Wade, here is a recap of the action. article about the higher expectations in Starkville for the football team.

I'm not sure if FWtCT was somehow made a corporate sponsor of the ladies' disc golf team or they just used a unique way of alerting us - but congrats! I played a little disc golf back in my day; we usually went drove over to Lake Lowndes in Columbus back when gas was under $2 a gallon and spent some Friday afternoons playing. Pretty fun game. I know right before I graduated they put a course on campus, played it once, lost a disc or two...and I think that was the end of my playing days.

- This is pretty interesting if you're into SEC football history - Team Speed Kills maps out series matchups between programs.

Have a great week!