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SEC Baseball Needs to Get Rid of Canceled Games

Instead of canceled games, we need POSTPONED games to be made up before the regular season is completed.

Here is something I don't get: canceled conference games in the SEC. It's stupid. And it could've put MSU at a disadvantage this weekend.

Here are the SEC Standings as of today...

Team Wins Losses
Vanderbilt 24 2
South Carolina 16 10
Florida 13 14
Kentucky 10 17
Missouri 8 19
Tennessee 7 18
Georgia 5 19
LSU 21 6
Arkansas 17 9
Mississippi State 14 13
Ole Miss 14 13
Alabama 13 13
Texas A&M 11 15
Auburn 11 16

After nine SEC weekends, each team should have 27 games played. But that's not the case. Only seven teams have played a full slate of games - that's just half! Georgia has only played 24 games, they are missing an entire series!

South Carolina's final game with Vanderbilt was canceled so they sit at 16-10 heading into Starkville this weekend. MSU is 14-13, two and a half games back. The Gamecocks also hold the four seed in the SEC Tournament which holds a bye in the first round (a single-elimination round). MSU does control their own destiny as we can sweep USC, but that is a tall task against the nearly back-to-back-to-back national champions even at home. If they were forced to play that game against the unspeakably hot Commodores (and if we had just beat OM 2 of 3 like we should have) we'd probably be looking at being able to grab that 4-seed by taking 2 of 3 (assuming Ole Miss loses 2 of 3 in Baton Rouge). Can you imagine winning the series this weekend, being 17-13, but having USC get a bye because they are 17-12?

Alabama is 13-13, but they should be 14-13. They were up 4-0 on Texas A&M when the game was canceled in the early innings not to be made up.

Why aren't we making these games up? I understand they've got one weekend to play the games and if they can't get them in it's just tough luck because they need to get back to campus for school - but school is out! For most of these schools there has been no class for the last two weeks, yet they have a full week of playing tiddlywinks when they could be making up baseball games.

Here is what I propose: no non-conference midweek games are to be scheduled for the final couple weeks of the season in case a game needs to be made up on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

It can't cost that much - if we can travel to Mobile, Alabama for ONE game on a Tuesday night then Vanderbilt can go back to Columbia and make up their game.

And another thing - LSU and Texas A&M only playing a seven inning game on a SATURDAY was really dumb. Seriously, it's a Saturday, play a full nine. They did it because they finished a suspended Game 2 earlier in the day but c'mon - not only do they not have school on Monday but everyone else in the SEC is playing on Sunday, it makes no sense not to play a full game (they actually played 8 because it went into "extra innings").

Soapbox over.