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Hosting a Regional: MSU CANNOT BE DENIED

Here are some blind resumes for you to observe.

Hey NCAA, it's time for a Regional to come back to its home: Starkville, Mississippi. The evidence is undeniable. Here are some blind resumes to look at....

Strength of Schedule Winning % vs. top 50 vs. 50+
Team A 74 .755 9-8 31-5
Team B 10 .764 16-9 26-4
Team C 31 .706 5-7 31-8
Team D 7 .696 13-14 26-3
Team E 68 .648 15-15 20-4
Team F 18 .709 11-12 24-4
Team G 87 .821 8-4 38-6
Team H 41 .722 7-5 32-10
Team I 39 .714 5-9 35-7
Team J 5 .714 19-14 21-2
Team K
30 .680 8-4 26-12
Team L 4 .648 10-14 25-5

That's 12 teams, and 8 of them will host. None of those teams are the locks to host, the probable national seeds: Vanderbilt, North Carolina, LSU, Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, Oregon, Virginia and Oregon State.

Team B's resume jumps out as the best on the board. They have the 2nd best winning percentage with a top 10 SOS and have 16 top 50 wins. They are a hosting no-brainer. This is North Carolina State.

The 2nd best resume isn't as clearly defined, but it's definitely between Team G and Team J. While Team G has a great record they don't have a great SOS, but still they beat the top teams when they played them. Team J has a very difficult schedule and a bunch of wins vs. the top 50 - the 3rd best winning percentage in the category on the board.

Team G is Louisville.

Team J is Mississippi State.

It's not even close. The Diamond Dawgs should host and will host. After a brutal SEC schedule that didn't feature any of the bottom three teams in the conference, they still ended up with a winning record and dominated the non-conference competition.

Saddle up the Dude, a baseball Regional will be coming home to Starkville.

Team A - Indiana
Team C - UCLA
Team D - Clemson
Team E - Arkansas
Team F - South Carolina
Team H - Kansas State
Team I - South Alabama
Team K - Arizona State
Team L - Virginia Tech