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SOURCE: John Cohen seeking to move all MSU home games to Hoover

The MSU head coach has seen enough to become interested in moving all MSU home games to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, a source tells FWtCT.


Following his team's 6-4 win on Thursday night at the 2013 SEC Tournament, John Cohen had to feel good about how his team has performed at the Hoover Met recently. In the past two seasons, MSU is 8-1 at the stadium made famous for hosting the tournament every year, and late Thursday night, it seems like Cohen took the first step in giving that success at Hoover more longevity over the course of a season.

According to a source close to the situation -- we'll call him John Brohen -- John Cohen reached out to Mike Slive and officials with the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium's management late Thursday night in an attempt to move all MSU home games to the stadium for the foreseeable future.

"Frankly, I don't see why we should ever play away from this place again", Cohen allegedly told officials in the double secret meeting held Thursday night in a grouping of trees just beyond the right field wall. "My team just gets their mojo going when we play in the place, so frankly, I'd like to see that continue into the postseason and regular season next year and for years to come."

It cannot be confirmed at this time what Slive's response was to Cohen's inquiry, but the same sources tell us that it was a muddle response of "we'll see what Saban says" and "let us all bow and give thanks to the tv contract".

FWtCT will stay on top of this story as more developments unfold.

Stay tuned.