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The Case for Adam Frazier: Running through the Shortstop's All-SEC Honor snub

Adam Frazier held off of the All-SEC first and second teams for the second-consecutive year.

The future pro, Adam Frazier, was snubbed for a second-consecutive season on the All-SEC list.
The future pro, Adam Frazier, was snubbed for a second-consecutive season on the All-SEC list.
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Last season Adam Frazier failed to make the All-SEC teams at shortstop despite the fact that he was the spearhead of one of the best defensive infields in the country. He helped lead MSU's defense to a school-record, 72 double plays and was the only player in the lineup that batted over .300. He started every ball game for the Maroon and White and recorded 91 hits on the season yet was left off behind the sexier names, Anthony Gomez from Vanderbilt and Nolan Fontana from Florida.

Those were justifiable. This year, is not. This morning, the league coaches announced their All-SEC teams and honors. Very much deserved first-team honors for junior Hunter Renfroe and sophomore Jonathan Holder who were both shoe-ins for their respective spots. Also a hearty congrats to Sam Frost on becoming the SEC Scholar Athlete. Frost has maintained a 3.7 GPA in mathematics of all things. Moving on...

We went through the first list to find freshman shortstop Alex Bregman earning first-team All-SEC. He had a phenomenal year at the plate and earned freshman of the year in the conference. Still a tough situation to take away the spot for Frazier. But that is a debatable selection points can be made for both.

There is no selling point to me or anyone else that has watched Frazier this season that Mikey White and Mikey Reynolds are better choices at the position. Yet that is what we witnessed as we scrolled down the page and saw the two tie for second team honors. How is this possible you might ask? They would give Frazier a spot, however, dropping him down to the All-Defensive team.

Now, if the SEC coaches are saying that Frazier is the conferences best defensive shortstop, then they must have given Reynolds and White the nod because of their offense..... Right? No

Mike Reynolds .306 58-55 216 55 66 12 3 1 23 87 .403 31 11 31 2 .417 1 3 21-23 91 151 16 .938
Adam Frazier .352 60-60 256 54 90 16 6 0 30 118 .461 20 2 25 2 .399 3 5 7-11 100 210 11 .966
Mikey White .286 60-60 220 32 63 11 1 2 29 82 .373 17 10 43 3 .363 1 5 3-8 91 202 10 .967

As you can see, only Mikey White started every game as Frazier did. Frazier destroys the two in hits, RBI, batting average and slugging percentage. Can't be the offense. Well maybe they just gave him the All Defensive team because they felt sorry for him? No.. Frazier's numbers are much better than Mikey Reynolds. So if anything Frazier should be there with Mikey White.

Frazier had more chances on a play than either Reynolds or White. Even with nearly 70 more chances than Reynolds, Frazier had five less errors. He had just one more error than White but nearly 20 more chances. He also was apart of 54 of the Bulldog's 69 double plays. There is absolutely no case made for Reynolds to be a second teamer over Frazier. I would continue to argue that Frazier should be first team but, again, Bregman was crazy good at the plate.

Take from this what you will, but Adam Frazier was shafted for a second-consecutive season and, more than likely, he'll take out his frustrations by running through the Starkville regional defensively and offensively... An absolute travesty.