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Technically we should have a streaker at Dudy Noble tonight

I'll believe it when I see it, however.

David Cannon

If you use Twitter, then undoubtely you've seen this before. "If this tweet gets 25,000 RTs then I'll streak at the Jets game Sunday," and so forth. Twitter is full of these efforts, and the latest one to hit here in the MSU world of sports was thrown out there today.

First off -- seriously, 50 retweets? If I was going to streak at a major sporting event, I would have at least set the minimum retweet level at like 5,000 or something.

Notice that it's his friend -- Jarrod Parks brother, I think -- that tweeted it out though, so we have no confirmation that this will actually take place tonight.

Best wishes to you should you choose to proceed, @aalexander3, and remember to make sure you clear the top of the fence fully and with safe distance between the fence and... well, yourself.

More like Nudy Noble Field, amirite?

[UPDATE] -- It ain't happening, apparently: