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Ross Mitchell - The Renaissance Man

You've seen him pitch, you've seen him rap, but have you seen him direct and star in a biographical video?

Close up of the socks OVER the pants
Close up of the socks OVER the pants

Ross Mitchell is your typical left-hander. Goofy hat, the bottom of one pant leg higher than the other. He is ceremonially thrown out of the dugout before each game by Trey Porter and Mitch Slauter. We've seen many sides to the great long reliever. Here's a new one.

In this biography of Ben Bracewell, Ross demonstrated the day-to-day life of his fellow reliever. If you've never been a college-aged guy this probably isn't that funny. But if you have you will be laughing pretty hard.

Life Of Ben Bracewell (via pleezdontuchme)