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cristilmethod gives up Twitter until football season

I need a Twitter break, so I'm sitting it out until August 31st.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I like to tweet a lot. My tweet rate has tempered a bit since baseball season ended, sure, but even then, I sometime will look back and realize that I've tweeted a good bit more than I realized. That also means that I've likely also spent time scouring through my timeline searching for interesting things to amuse me throughout the drolls of the end of summer.

And that's the problem. The problem is that we're in a portion of summer currently that has nothing entertaining, at least not sports wise. All we have is baseball injury updates, WAAAAYY to early caring about recruiting, and Johnny Manziel gossip. Ooooooo, I cannot tell you how tired I am of the Johnny Manziel gossip.

So, I decided it was time for a Twitter vacation. From today, July 31st, until Saturday, August 31st, I will not tweet. I was too lazy to go back and check, but there's a strong chance that that is the longest my account has stayed quiet since its creation in 2010. Will this be easy? Absolutely not. But it is necessary for me to take a vacation from both my tweeting and the absolute garbage that has littered my timeline lately.

Does this mean that I'm going full incommunicado? Absolutely not. I will still check my Twitter account once a week, and my blog posts here will continue on as normal, and will tweet from @mstatesports as normal as well (doesn't count, it's an automated process!).

In lieu of Tweeting, I will be keeping a sort of journal here to keep notes on my thoughts during that time. After all, what if there are snarky, semi-witty things that I want to say about something going on during that time? Well, I guess I'll just have to catalog them all here and post them once a week for four weeks as a journal entry. Think of it as your favorite autobiography, but way less interesting.

So here's the rules I've set up for myself:

  • No tweeting for one month
  • Twitter check allowed once a week on Sunday nights (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th), and beginning on Saturday of MSU's first game
  • Twitter thoughts will be kept here starting this Saturday and published in a journal entry style each Saturday morning around 9ish.

This should be interesting.