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cristilmethod twitter-less diaries, week 2

Today we're talking Bulldog Bash!, fans who will complain about anything, Soul Singing, and Will Ferrell.

Bulldog Bash

Boysacomadanababaanothin than aintnothin but drug sto lovin shamadamthananabadanamil cause a mamma I'm shore hard to handle now, that's my style -- high school me, singing Hard to Handle.

So I'm not sure if you guys and girls heard yet, but The Black Crowes have been announced as the headliner for this year's Bulldog Bash, and I'm pretty excited about it. I doubt I'm the only one excited too, as this is setting up to be one of the more fun weekends in Starkville in recent memory. I say that for several reasons. One -- Music Maker hit a home run with getting the Crowes to come play. I've never seen them live, but everything I hear is that they're a great show, so I'm really excited. Two -- the weekend picked for Bulldog Bash is just phenomenal. In years past, Bulldog Bash was held early, held late; it was held on homecoming weekend, and on a weekend when there was a non conference game that meant nothing the next day. One year it was even held the night before an 11:35 kickoff game -- a game I showed up for work for one an hour of sleep, but that's another story altogether. This year however, the game is on a perfect weekend: LSU weekend. There will be tons of LSU fans in town, and I'd invite them all to come out and enjoy Bulldog Bash too (like I have to invite them. They'll be out there making boudin by 9 a.m.). The night before what could be a big game, with an opposing fanbase that travels well in town, and in early October, when there is a potential for great weather. Yep, you did it to perfection this year Music Makers. Well done (now wait for driving rains Friday night, 89 degrees at the game Saturday for an 11:35 kickoff, and State loses 34-0)

You can't please them all

Being without Twitter has forced me to spend more time on message boards (reading -- I'm not much of a poster). And through that, I've been able to keep up with pretty much everything that's going on in MSU sports this past week. But I also today was witness to something that I considered to be quite sad.

I won't point out the specific thread; you can find it on sixpack if you are interested enough. There was a poster today stating that he just could not understand the asymmetrical design of the new north endzone. More specifically, he said that he just couldn't understand the new endzone being offset with the rest of the stadium. Ever since the renderings were revealed for the expansion, i was in love with this design. The "Q" tail, as one poster called it, provides a really nice grand, open entrance into the new stadium, and I think it was a well thought out design. But nevertheless, you had this guy just so upset that we didn't just close to road and make the endzone a more uniform shape.

It occurred to me that we, just like every other fanbase, have fans who aren't going to ever be pleased. We won ten games, but we could have won eleven. We built a baseball stadium, but it could have had a nicer outfield area. Fans being hard to please isn't anything new, but each time you get a glimpse of it, it's just kind of annoying. Now, as everyone is, that poster is entitled to his opinion. But I just don't see why people would complain about a stadium design simply because side A doesn't fold over to match side B exactly when you fold it in half. The stadium looks great. Asymmetrical architecture OMG is actually quite common, cutting edge, and looks good. So lets maybe shake the thoughts from archaic days, and embrace the fact that we're building a nice new endzone that dares to be more than a boring addition.

Things I would might have tweeted this week

@cristilmethod: Good luck to Joe Galbraith, who successfully leaves Starkville without being identified as the bagman

@cristilmethod: I'm very impressed but also slightly depressed that Rick Ray's son already dresses better than I ever will

@cristilmethod: If football doesn't hurry up and get here I might do something crazy like watch all the 2001 MSU football games in order

BONUS VIDEO: This is over a month old, and it still makes me laugh every time:

The video you see above is possibly my favorite Black Crowes song, and one that I think is vastly underrated, "Soul Singing"