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MSU 30 for 30: Top Plays in Mississippi State Football: No. 13-Chris Relf Owns Ole Miss

Chris Relf tended to dominate Ole Miss when he took the field against the Rebels. Unfortunately for him, he could not play Ole Miss every game, so Relf did what he could, going 3-0 against Ole Miss in games in which he saw significant action.

Again, this could be considered cheating on a top plays countdown, but while Chris Relf made amazing plays against Ole Miss, to pull out one play in particular would do a great disservice to his entire body of work against the Rebels.

Chris Relf proved to be a near unstoppable force in his appearances against Ole Miss as a sophomore, a junior, and as a senior. As a sophomore, he carried the ball 15 times for 131 yards and a touchdown while completing three of five passes for 43 yards and two more scores. In 2010, he picked up 66 yards on the ground and went 13 of 20 for 288 yards and three touchdowns through the air. In his senior campaign against Ole Miss, he ran for 49 yards and picked up two more passing touchdowns.

In all, he finished with 246 rushing yards and 431 passing yards against Ole Miss with one touchdown on the ground and seven through the air.

While Relf had many other shining performances in his career, his play against the Bulldogs' greatest rival has overshadowed those games.