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Fall Camp update: Day 2 - Les Koenning

Offensive coordinator Les Koenning talks about Tyler Russell, replacing production at WR, among other things in this update from day two of Fall camp for MSU.

Jameon Lewis will be one of the receivers asked to play a bigger role this season.
Jameon Lewis will be one of the receivers asked to play a bigger role this season.
Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

It's early in Fall camp and early in the careers of many newcomers to the MSU football team. MSU offensive coordinator Les Koenning will tell you that one of the most important things going on right now is teaching.

"We're going more into what to do for young kids, how to do it is the next step and why we do it is the final step. So right now we're on to do. You see a lot of coaches in the film room telling kids exactly what to do, they've got to translate that from the film room onto the field," Koenning said following Friday morning's practice.

So when you have young guys scattered across the field that are trying to learn and take in as much as they can, it is important to have stalwarts around like Tyler Russell, MSU's fifth year senior at quarterback.

"He's been doing it for four years, so it's really easy for him. Those kids are just going through the minute parts of it. Huddle, play call, letting the receivers leave. Those are things we're having to teach them rather than actually teaching them to play at times because we're trying to get everything done. There's a lot of information sent to them at one time," Koenning said.

With offensive weapons like Chad Bumphis and Arceto Clark gone, guys that have been behind them on the depth chart will have to step up. Many guys will be called upon such as Robert Johnson and newcomers Jeremy Chappelle and Fred Ross. A guy that is expected to step up and does have some playing experience is Jameon Lewis.

When Koenning was asked what gave him confidence that Lewis was ready to step up, he replied simply by saying, "Chad Bumphis is gone.

"When you see someone else do something, you can replicate it," he continued.

Some things that he said Lewis learned from Bumphis are route techniques and how to get open.

As far as the energy he saw on day two of camp, he had this to say,

"I think with our older guys we saw it for sure, but with the younger guys, they're learning. They're coming to it and starting to understand."