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FWtCT (and friends) Pick the SEC -- Week 1

The FWtCT gang is back to pick the games in the SEC this year.

Richt leads his dawgs into a big time non conference matchup that highlights the SEC slate in week 1.
Richt leads his dawgs into a big time non conference matchup that highlights the SEC slate in week 1.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Picks - Week 1

  • As can be expected with a few cupcake openers on the schedules, it looks like there are some unanimous choices amongst the group.  We're all picking: Texas A&M, Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and Missouri.
  • One or two are taking UL-Lafayette over Arkansas, but most of us think the Hogs will take care of business.
  • In one of the weekend's primetime matchups, LSU and TCU tangle at Jerryworld in Dallas.  Even though this is a matchup of top-25 teams, we all are taking the mad hatter and LSU here.  These are the exact type of game that they thrive in, and where some unknown player makes himself known.  Still, should be a good game.
  • In another underrated but solid matchup, South Carolina and North Carolina square off in... a few minutes.  Even though this should be another good game, we're all taking South Carolina and Jadeveon Clowney here.
  • Alabama and Virginia Tech will face off on Saturday in yet another big game, but this one isn't as big as it may appear on paper.  Virginia Tech is banged up, and Alabama is the usual warsaw machine that chews up programs whole and spits them out into a gutter shivering a few hours later.  This game should be no different.  #PRAY4VT.  All Bama, across the board.
  • One of the more intriguing games is the SEC opener between Vanderbilt and Ole Miss in a few hours.  At times this offseason, this game has felt like a toss up between either team, and at others it has felt like one team or the other could run away with it.  Unfortunately for Vanderbilt, the feeling has swung in Ole Miss' favor.  Looks like the majority of us feel that way, even though some are still taking Vandy.
  • In the absolutely biggest game of the opening weekend, Clemson and Georgia square off in a matchup of top-10 teams.  As expected, this is a toss up, with a few of us picking on both sides.  Really too close to call on this one.
  • And finally, there's the MSU game.  Yes, we're all MSU fans, but the majority of us are also realists.  The majority of us are taking Oklahoma State in this one, even if we're really hoping for different.  NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MAKE US BAD STATE FANS.  PLEASE DON'T HATE US.

So, who are you all taking in this weekend's opening set of SEC games?  Yay!  Football is back!