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College Football Needs to Get Rid of the NCAA ASAP

Separating itself from the NCAA is long overdue for college football, it's getting ridiculous

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Will someone please tell me why college football allows itself to be governed by the NCAA? The current set-up is so stupid. You basically have an inept security guard wandering around a clubhouse party of rich people trying to find out who is breaking club rules.

It has been mentioned before by many: the big conferences need to break off from the NCAA to form their own governing body.

The Johnny Manziel situation is really silly if you think about it. Basically he has set up a model for how to pay players without having to pay players! Instead of all the muck about Title IX and paying each player the same amount, you could just allow players to make money off their own name separate from the university and that is their compensation. So only the best, most deserving, will get paid.

The NCAA has rule after rule after rule. And from a Mississippi State perspective the NCAA is crippling us even more because of our pathetic compliance department. President Keenum is lost in some la la land where everyone follows the rules. He has a high school football coach for a compliance director writing down our player's VIN numbers rather than a lawyer making sure we have all our bases covered.

Currently the NCAA does not control the bowls and it does not determine the national championship. At least in basketball and baseball you could say they provide a purpose of selecting the teams for the tournament and they host events, but not in football. The NCAA's only job in football is to enforce rules. Outdated, arbitrary rules.

Is there anyone who believes the NCAA won't botch their investigation at Texas A&M? The Aggies have ponied up just like Auburn did and are handling this the way we as MSU fans could only dream about. We prepare a place at the table for the NCAA and serve them our finest dishes while other schools have them sniffing around the gates of their palace. The NCAA will screw it up, you just have to let them.

There is ZERO reason for college football to be governed by the NCAA any longer. Many of the rules are dumb, and the NCAA is a laughable institution.

Not only is there no reason for college football to stay connected to the NCAA, there are many reasons to leave. Making more money and not having to share with the lower schools is chief among them. Making newer rules and a more efficient system of governance are a close second.

Conference commissioners have already expressed their disdain for the NCAA. They've opened the door for what is likely to follow: succession. Phrases like "cost of attendance" are just a means to an end. The power conferences just want to get out of the shadow of the NCAA and separate themselves from the fifty some odd bottom feeders that are benefiting from their success. The question may not be if, but when this will happen. And when it does, that will be a good day - so we can quit discussing rules and other off the field nonsense, and focus on the field instead.