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Faced with a Crossroads, the Bulldogs took a step in the right direction in Week 4

After a 62-7 statement, some order has been restored.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Troy week was a quiet one. It was almost eerily quiet. Discussion about a team that has given SEC teams some fits over the years including MSU just last year was pretty much non-existent. In a game that had he lost would have resigned Mrs. Mullen to packing her nick-naks into boxes, there wasn't much chatter going in. The talk all week was just how bad things were, about how Mullen was on the hot seat and this team and program might be going down the tubes.

Troy was in many ways a crossroads game. Here you were, 1-2, the fanbase is upset, you're coming off a heartbreaking loss again at Auburn, which direction will the team go?

You've seen this story before. Ole Miss in 2011. Auburn in 2012. A team that is predicted to be an average team hits some adversity, the coach gets heat and the team falls off a cliff. They quit trying, they get blown out every week, the season is a disaster.

If MSU had come out in the Troy game without the intense desire to blow their doors off, had they allowed Troy to maintain their 1st quarter offense, things could be different now. If State had let that game slip away the season would absolutely be flushed down the toilet. It would be over, and just getting to two or three wins would be an uphill climb. But that's not what happened.

The Bulldogs absolutely demolished Troy. Now the Trojans didn't help the case with turnovers (INT, fumble), poor decisions (fake punt) and personal fouls (at least 3), but State took it to them. Dak Prescott looked like a man playing with boys. The offensive line dominated, the defensive line really dominated. Geoff Collins' defense held a team averaging over 540 YPG to 38 yards on 31 plays from the 2nd quarter on - WOW. We took a top 15 team in total offense and knocked them down to 50th.

What I like most about this game is that State came out to prove something. To prove they are not going to lay down, they are willing to fight this year. They will not give up, and they are, in fact, a good football team. No matter how you dice it, beating a team 62-7 is a statement.

This bye week is at a great time. Not only do we have two weeks to prepare for LSU, but the team will have the positive vibes from that beat-down against Troy during that time. There are still eight games left in the season - plenty of time to make this season a special one. It all starts at Davis Wade on October 5th.