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Ross Mitchell Led a Worship Event in the Palmeiro Center on Thursday Night

Ross Mitchell organized a worship event called The Outlet which was held on Thursday night in the Palmeiro Center


I figured since the MSU media probably isn't going to pick up a story like this I better use what little exposure I have to tell y'all about a really positive event that occurred on the MSU campus Thursday night. "The Outlet" kicked off at the Palmeiro Center.

Here's a quote from Ross Mitchell's tumblr on why he created this event...

God put something on my heart when I was driving back to campus this semester. I have been blessed with a few good years on the baseball field. After going to Omaha this year, I have been given a platform and I want to make sure that I use that to magnify God's kingdom. Through this, I have teamed up with our baseball chaplain and a few friends to start an event called the Outlet. This is a once a month worship service in the Palmeiro Center. We are bringing in a band and a speaker from Nashville, TN. The purpose of this event is mainly to bring as many non-believers as possible to experience the Holy Spirit.

I wasn't at the event (because I'm not in school and live two states away) but here's a tweet of the stage while they were setting up from The Outlet's official account.

There was a band, Awakening, and Matt Ford spoke. It sounds like it was an awesome experience for all those involved. Here are a few tweets I found...

If y'all followed the baseball team this spring and early summer you know about their crazy goofy fun attitude, and of course all the winning during that awesome Omaha run. What may have slipped through the cracks was the story of the faith many of the players on the team have, and how it has really changed their lives. Here is a Facebook note from the team chaplain that I highly recommend you read if you haven't already.

Congratulations of the successful venture, Ross Mitchell, and thanks for having the courage and vision to lead an event like this! From one Christian to another, this is an inspiration and I know many lives will be positively effected by this event. Be sure to follow the Outlet on twitter for more updates.