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Bully's Growler: Game 2 - Mississippi State 51, Alcorn State 7

The best tweets from Mississippi State's home opener, a decisive win over Alcorn State

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

What did yesterday's win over Alcorn State tell us about MSU? For one thing, it told us that people still have funny things to say during the worst of blowouts. Many MSU fans were back in the Junction during the second half, but nobody told freshman wide receiver Fred Brown that it was garbage time. FWtCT would like to officially salute Mr. Brown for spiking the ball after a 10-yard catch while up 44-0 over a SWAC opponent, then getting ejected after another unsportsmanlike penalty. And another salute to Taveze Calhoun for giving the ball to defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, Washington Senitnels style, after his fumble recovery.

Now, the best tweets from game two. If I missed a good tweet, feel free to post it in the comments.