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August 1 - The Land of Football

College football returns this month. That is all.

Mississippi State v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It's Aug. 1, and it's 7 degrees cooler in Starkville than it was yesterday. Could that be because of the rain? Probably. Or could it be due to the fact that the earth knows college football returns this month? More likely.

If you're not ready, it's time to get prepared. I understand it's hot outside, and it can be difficult to even think about that brisk, cool fall football Saturday morning... but it's coming. We're only 27 days away from college football being on tv, and we're only 33 days away from a packed Davis Wade Stadium.

So, what do you need to start preparing yourself for the start of the college football season? I'm here to give you five ways to do just that.

Watch old games

This always gets me in the mood. I turned on the tv the other day, and last year’s Auburn game was playing. If you’re not ready for college football yet, go turn that game on. Here are games from last season that you need to rewatch: Auburn (only the 2nd half), Kentucky (Rogers had a 92% completion rate), NC State (open the game up with a kickoff return for a TD), and Texas A&M (still kinda shocked we pulled that one off).

Start cleaning the grill

I don’t care what kind of grill you prefer, clean it, prep it, use it. Personally, I have a Blackstone Griddle, and I have started to master the art of a delicious, gameday smashed burger.


It never hurts.

Purchase your tickets

Mississippi State has released a great deal on the first Saturday of college football. If you need any information about that, click HERE. You can get four tickets and a parking pass for less than $70.

Figure out the TV situation

Whether it’s from the comfort of your home or you’re out in the Junction, prepare well. I am a fan of YouTube TV because it tends to carry most games. Whatever it is you prefer, make sure it’s ready in 27 days.

Honorable mention: Go by Two Brothers Smoked Meats in the Cotton District and have a smoked wing or two for me. That’ll get you in the mood.