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Rick Ray's got dance skills [VIDEO, GIFs, and a "WOP" remix]

As the children say, Coach Ray has got the skills to pay the bills.

HEY GUYS! Let's dance
HEY GUYS! Let's dance
Ethan Miller

Saturday afternoon's matchup was a big one for Mississippi State for a number of reasons.  Firstly, they were coming off a tough, double-digit loss against a ranked opponent where MSU led going into the half.  Secondly, it was a game against rival Ole Miss.  Oh and I didn't even mention that it was also at home.

So it comes as no surprise that when MSU won a back and forth, grind it out 76-72 game over the Rebels, Rick Ray was quite happy about it.  So happy, in fact, that he took to showing off his dance skills in the lockerroom afterwards.  Now, we've seen other coaches dance, but this one may be the best I've seen in some time.  Let's go to the tape:

And for those of you who like .GIFs, here you go:

Rick Ray dance

And finally, here's Rick Ray's dance set to J Dash's "WOP":

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[video via Scott Stricklin]